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Heartrans International Engineering Co., Ltd.(HIECO ELECTRICestablished in Shanghai FTZ (Free Trade Zone) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HIECO group. It will undertake the mission to operate the overseas market business for all of factories under HIECO group.

Core Business                                                                                                    

—Core product: Cables and Conductors

Matching product: Cable Lugs and Connectors, Overhead Line Fittings, Heat Shrinkable Products, Cable Protection, Cable Securing, Cable Marking, Drop-out Type Fuse, Surge Arrester, Disconnecting Switch, Short-circuit Fault Indicator

Integrated Solution: Transmission Line

—Core product: Transformers

Matching product: Currents, Electric Reactors, Bushings

Integrated Solution: Substation

—Core product: Switch Cabinet

Matching product: Circuit Breaker, AC Contactors, Appurtenance, Generatrix Groove

Integrated Solution: Power Distribution System

—Core product: Lights and Sockets

Matching product: LED Lightings, Wall Switch and Sockets, Distribution Boxes, Junction Boxes

Integrated Solution: Building appliances and lightings

—Core product: Variable Frequency Drive

Matching product: PLC Module

Integrated Solution: Industrial Automation Drive

Model Innovation                                                                                                             

Unique management model: 

HIECO always pay attention to the target market customers’ experience, and collect relevant data to make needs analysis. 

HIECO always take into account the technical nature and applicability of the products, a standard product with applicable technical can effectively reduce the total budget of small and medium customers, advanced technology can follow the requirements of this class of customers to grow. 

HIECO always adhere to verify and correct the course of business, and never pander to the detriment of the quality of customer requirements. 

Local Service:

HIECO will set up integrated service centers in key markets, to meet our new customers' electrical demand of new projects and manage the spare parts requests of our loyal customers in long term. At present, HIECO have begun to operate in West Africa (Ghana Centre), with the gradual improvement, more and more products and technical service providers will join to this service system. By warehouse sale, the problem of long delivery period will be solves.

Traceable Quality:

HIECO ensure the goods we sell are quality products. The buyers who registered in the local service center or Email our company have a 12-month warranty (for individual products such as cables, etc. will have a longer warranty). 

During the warranty period, the buyers could have free technical advice and solutions to common problems. 

After the warranty period, the local service center will charge depending on the specific circumstances of maintenance and after-sales service. 

Detailed policy consult your local service center. 

One-Stop Sourcing:

In addition to the company's own production and promotion of the brand, our strength lies in projects according to customer requirements, make the total package procurement and special product customization. 

The inspected outsourcing products or customized products, HIECO will give the same quality treatment. 

Loyal Customer Preference:

Once the customers buy our products and register their contact info, when they purchase twice in the same year, they are treated as old customers and can enjoy discounts, detailed policy consult local service center.

Corporate Culture                                                                                                  

Wolves culture: Wolf Totem, there is a way; keen and quick decide, team work spirit.

In the animal kingdom, the wolf does not seek status, do not fight for the king of beasts, just promising, always go forward. It is a rapid offensive, quick get and fast decision, keen-witted; they win the challenge, warlords game, defeating the enemy.

A nation needs to carry forward the pioneering spirit of the wolf: freedom, uninhibited, strong.

A company needs to uphold the excellent quality of the wolf: pragmatic, team up.

Alert "Wolves are coming", cherished sense of crisis, in order to control the flexibility and ingenuity of fierce market competition, invincible; to foster indomitable enterprising spirit, brave; to promote the unity of the team, to forge ahead.

In retrospect, HIECO reply on such a strong and fast team, survive and develop in the fierce competition of the global market!

Corporate Vision:

(Top) Provide suitable electrical technology, service global small and medium customers.

(Middle) Provide close local service to save customers’ worries, whatever from large electrical transmission and distribution equipments to small installation tools.

Organization Chart