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HIECO is creating a legend.

But no legend can be without the heroes, we are looking for you.

Do you want to make an indelible mark in a global company? HIECO offer you that opportunity.

Our culture combines the best of Eastern and Western culture, opportunities are everywhere.

HIECO provide you the opportunity to sail, allowing you to write your own legend.

HIECO provide a stage for the doer, here is a place that allow you to explore the potential, here is the place to create legend.

HIECO is an employer that advocate affirmative action and equal opportunity employer.

HIECO always welcome new graduates to join.

·International Sales Assistant 


  1. bachelor degree or above, electrical, marketing, English or other related major;
  2. good English ability, fluent oral English
  3. international sales experience in electrical products more than 1 years, light electrical industry experience is preferred;
  4. good negotiation skills and strong communication skills, capable of developing customer;
  5. presentable, character cheerful, quick thinking;
  6. honest and trustworthy, team spirit and strong resistance;
  7. can adapt to domestic and overseas traveling.
Job responsibilities:
  1. responsible for market development, customer visits, business negotiations;
  2. responsible for receiving orders, sample information, sending samples;
  3. responsible for customer relationship management,payment follow-up;
  4. responsible for market research, to participate in major products exhibition;
  5. responsible for the collection of market information with the industry, keeping track of the market development trends;
  6. responsible for customer satisfaction surveys, customer complaint handling;
  7. responsible for the order review, participate in the system evaluation, implementing policy target execution,accompany and guide customer's factory visiting .