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Substation Below 33kV
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Engineering Design

HIECO rely on qualified design agencies, according to owner's expected basic functions and special requirements of the project, we will dispatch experienced "project engineer" to the scene to make field exploring, and complete the overall design of the electrical system, from just an idea to a comprehensive program. The node is by submitting primary system diagrams, secondary schematic diagrams, layout diagrams.

Material Procurement

According to owner's confirmed electrical system design diagram, HIECO's "Business Engineer" will confirm the bill of material, and make a budget spreadsheet by business group. Customers can adjusted if after considering the performance and budget line.

Eventually the node is by received each supplier's guarantee technical parameters (GTP) and owner's written approved BM.

Equipment Installation & Commissioning

In accordance with the company's project schedule, HIECO will arrange "Field Engineer" to supervise the execution.

After all the equipments are delivered to site, either the climate, environmental and personnel conditions are ok,

"Project Engineer" will lead the technical representative of each supplier to finish the installation and commissioning, finally the node is by the power run properly.

Maintenance Service

During the material procurement, HIECO can prepare some commonly used spare parts . After the project is completed, HIECO can also provide regular maintenance service, replace some wearing consumable parts. The node is by submitting the inspection report to the owner.

Technical Training

After HIECO finished the technical evaluation of the project owner, we can train electrician with necessary substation operation, monitoring, maintenance and management. If have requirement of any specific product, we can also invite factory representatives together to train and answer questions.