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Factories and Civil Buildings
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Engineering Design

HIECO rely on qualified design agencies,firstly calculate according to the loading of workshops and residential buildings, determine the transformer location, number of units and capacity.

Then select the cross-section of the supply line,determine the parameters of the internal high & low voltage electrical equipments and the protection mode of relay.

The node is by submitting primary system diagrams, secondary schematic diagrams, layout diagrams.

Material Procurement

According to owner's confirmed electrical system design diagram, HIECO's  "Business Engineer" will confirm the bill of material, and business group will make a budget spreadsheet, with considering the material safety, economy, environmental protection, to balance the current performance and future scalability.

Equipment Installation& Commissioning

Because of the much loading of low voltage, HIECO will finish the pre-set and debug of single component along with overall device at the factory in advance.

Then coordinate the civil engineering, electrical and power supply on-site, shorten the debug time of whole supply and distribution system,help our customers to create the benefits early.

Maintenance Service  

As there are some quick-wear parts of low-voltage loading, we will make pointed to provide spare parts.

According to the customer's usage, we will make the statistics of mechanical lifetime, early to remind customers to replace key devices, in order to avoid power outages loss.

Technical Training

Due to the routine maintenance and operations is carried out by the owner's hired team, we can organize conferences to train these people to get special skills.

Our sales engineers will promptly reply email or call,and solve the feedback problems from on-site electricians, make effective control and resolution.