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Office and Home Electrical
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Engineering Design

‘HIECO’is located in ‘Shanghai Center for Internet of Things’ core areas can easily take advantage of local technique and research power. We are able to satisfy clients’ customized requirement of office and home life through combining ‘Integrated Control System’ and ‘Premises Distribution System’.

Material Procurement

All of teams from ‘HIECO’ have dozens of years of industry hardware export experience which means quality control ability is the core competitiveness of ours. ’HIECO’s products are renown as for its complete series, beautiful designs, and good quality.

Equipment Installation& Commissioning

‘HIECO’ will arrange our commissioning team to work together with owner’s renovation construction team in order to finish various wiring and hardware installation. ’HIECO’ will set up software modules in advance according to owner’s habits and preferences.

Maintenance Service

‘HIECO’ can provide aftersales customer service brochures, which is helpful for user’s self-processing method that will be performed via remote maintenance. If encounter special fault, we will analyze the detailed scheme of replacement and repair according to the site situation reflected by the customer.

Technical Training

‘HIECO’ can train customers how to daily operation and matters need attention according to their age, gender, education level. And ‘HIECO’ also welcome the customer to put forward more experienced requirements to promote the upgrading of the technology of our products.