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Cables and Accessories Compatibility
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Engineering Design

"Qualified power connection begins with the connectors", although cable accessories are very small parts, but in the entire connection, it plays a crucial role. Only the right, high quality accessories can make the whole line more stable and durable operation. HIECO can perfectly match the cables with accessories, and provide the best solution for the entire circuit compatibility.

Material Procurement

HIECO have a strong cooperated partner team, will provide our customers with excellent quality, low price, fast delivery and good service products.

Construction and Installation

HIECO can provide matching tools, arrange engineers to the site, together with the construction team of the owners, complete the construction and installation of the entire line and accessories.

Maintenance Service

During the material procurement, HIECO can prepare some commonly used spare parts. After the project is completed, HIECO can also provide regular maintenance service, replace some wearing consumable parts.

Technical Training

After HIECO finished the techical evaluation of the project owner, we can train electrician with necessary line construction, monitoring, maintenance and management. If have requirement of any specific product, we can also invite factory representatives together to train and answer questions.