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Quality Control
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Suppliers Control:

HIECO has a set of scientific and rigorous system to select and manage their  suppliers, they are the diamonds of the factories.

l  Quality: Suppliers have a stable and effective quality assurance system, with necessary equipments and technology abilities. They have their own testing centers, many products have international test reports and certification.

l  Cost: Suppliers are able to use the method of value engineering to do the cost analysis, do the best save the cost, and provide a win-win price.

l  Delivery: Suppliers have sufficient production capacities, adequate human resources, has the potential to expand their production capacities.

l  Services: Suppliers have good sales services, whatever before or after sales.

Raw Materials Control:

HIECO together with suppliers, purchase the raw materials with satisfied performance requirements, strictly control the quality of raw materials, and a corresponding material report can be offered as well.

Final Quality Control:

HIECO make item specifications for each product. Before delivery, we will do a sampling or full inspection. We will ensure the delivered products are qualified, and the type and quantity are correct.

Transportation Control:

HIECO will make every effort to transport the goods with safest, fastest and most economical way.

After-sale Control:

HIECO’s each batch of goods are traceable, we can trace the source of their raw materials and components used, as well as their production and inspection records.