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Short-Circuit Indicator
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Name:Short-Circuit Indicator

Product Description

Suitable for cable distribution boxes, ring network switchgear and other cable short circuit fault detection and indication.

When short circuit fault occurs, the indicator will detect the short-circuit current and processing, record the fault condition, red light will start flashing continuously.

After the automatic reset time, the red light will stop flashing, the indicator is automatically reset, and clear the fault records.


Technical parameters:

Short-circuit Current: Current≥800A (error ± 10%, can be adjusted according to demand)

Short-circuit Response Time: 0.02s≤T≤4S action

Working Environment Range: -40 ℃ - + 85 ℃

Power supply:one 2000mAh lithium inside, service life of 8-10 years, 3 volts


Auto Reset Time: 12 hours (optional, users can determine when ordering)

Cable Range: diameter(with insulation) ≤φ50mm

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